Welcome to Carrier Midea India

We are excited to be present in India & provide a vast range of international quality & cutting edge technology solutions for your home and living needs which will enrich your life.

In a rapidly changing market place where expectations are increasing by the day, working closely with customers and channel partners has helped Carrier Midea India (CMI) to understand customer needs and offer a wide range of ACs and home appliance solutions to meet a constantly changing customer requirement.

CMI manufactures, distributes and services Carrier brand residential air conditioners, Midea residential and commercial air conditioners and Midea brand Home appliances. Both brands are available through a strong nationwide channel network. To meet this demand and cater to our customer needs, CMI has been constantly expanding innovative and exciting product offerings.

Every day, our products touch the lives of our consumers. We are defined by the people within our organization and the strong relationships we have made with our customers, channel and suppliers. We have a healthy product portfolio in the industry and endeavor constantly to innovate.

Carrier Midea India aspires to become one of the most preferred employers in the country. The team at CMI is a mix of youth and experience, dynamic and ready to take it on. Life here means passion, the passion to ensure our consumers are delighted. Our channel too is our pride and joy and one of our biggest strengths. Our relationships with some partners go back over 20 years and we greatly value and nurture these relationships.

We are proud to be part of the 2 great companies who are our shareholders. Their history is as rich as it is varied and both have given us great strength and rich legacies.We have established a code of conduct for our employees, channel partners and suppliers ensuring the people who are involved with our product work in a safe environment and are treated with dignity and respect. We are also working actively to ingrain sustainability into everything we do.

We have and will continue to introduce to the Indian consumer, new products and reliable service, through which, we will strive to exceed all your expectations.
We hope you will continue to share in our success with us.

Best regards,

Krishan Sachdev
Managing Director