Washing Machine - MWMSA082015

Capacity : 8.2 kg
MRP : Rs. 13,990/-

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3D Aqua Storm

3D Aqua Storm

A 3-Dimensional water flow create multi-directional water currents to ensure deep cleaning of cloths and removes dirt and detergent residue efficiently.

Dual Layer Durable Body

Solid and durable double layered outer body for withstanding heavy load

Air Jet

A uniquely designed lid which ensures that there is greater flow of air for quicker drying of clothes.

Magic Filter

Magic Filter

Its advanced filter prevents detergent and lint build-up on clothes by collecting all the residue, which can be manually removed later.


Soak Function

According to the degree of dirt in the fabric, different soaking times may be selected. The clothes can be soaked thoroughly so that detergent seeps into fabric and removes tough stains.

3 in 1 Safety

Comes with a molded plug with safety fuse which protects the machine from high voltage fluctuations. The safety switch for the spin tub, ensures that spinning stops when the spin window is opened. The spin lid makes sure that no clothes come out during the high speed spinning process.

Spin 5

The high torque motor results in a faster, quieter, and smoother wash

Technical Specifications


Model MWMSA082015
Capacity(Kg) 8.2
Pulsator Type 3D Aqua Storm
Soak Function Yes
Spin Function Spin5
Lid Type Opaque
Knob White
Air Jet Yes
Outer Body Dual Layer Durable Body
No. of Wash proagrams 3
No. of knobs 4
Wash Tub Capacity(Kg) 8.2
Spin Tub Capacity(Kg) 6.0
Lint Filter Magic Filter
Wash Timer(in minutes) 15
Soak (in minutes) 20
Spin Timer(in minutes) 5
Water Level Selecter Yes
Wash Window No
Spin Window No
Hot/Cold Water Inlet Cold
Wheels Yes
Spin Shower Yes
Buzzer Yes
Rust Free Plastic Base Yes
Rated Power Supply 230V/50Hz
Rated Current 5.0A
Noise(Wash/Spin)dB 62/72
Wash Motor 400W
Spin Motor 135W

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