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Protect your family from all kinds of water-borne diseases with the Midea MWPRU080SL7. This top-of-the-line water purifier is equipped with India’s 1st replaceable Dura Preserve Steel tank that is air-locked to keep any kind of impurities from reaching the water inside. This wonder purifier is also instilled with a RO+UV filtration process and Midea’s True UV Guard Protection that kills 99.9% of germs and gives you fresh and safe water.

MRP : Rs. 21,990/-
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True UV Guard Protection

The Midea RO+UV water purifier MWPRU080SL7 is the ultimate water filtration system for your home and office, that ensures you get a safe glass of water every time. The purifier boasts of Midea’s patented CCL technology that protects you from harmful water-borne diseases. Midea offers a 5 years warranty on UV Lamp, providing you peace of mind. The True UV Guard Protection ensures the last point of purification, and lets you have a safe drinking water.

UV Guard Protection

Dura Preserve Steel Tank

To avoid wear and tear, our purifiers are equipped with Dura Preserve Steel storage tanks that are not only durable in nature but their anti-corrosion properties prevent rusting. In addition to this, the Dura Preserve Steel provides with the utmost durability and longevity to the container.


Replaceable Tank

Changing your purifier's storage tank every 3 to 5 years is extremely important to avoid risk of bacterial build up. One of the biggest advantages of having a Midea water purifier is its unique replaceable water tank no other water purifier available in the market has. For the first time in India, Midea gives you the option to upgrade to either a Copper Enriched Tank or the N9 Anti-bacterial Plastic Tank.


Intelli View

When you choose Midea's water purifiers, you choose smartness. The water purifiers come installed with the Intelli-View display, which tells you all that you should know about the functioning of your purifier. The unique Filter Life Indicator provides you with crucial information such as an indication to change the filters, the water level inside the tank, a service reminder, and the functioning of the UV feature.

Intelli view

Technical Specifications


Model Number MWPRU080SL7
Applicable Condition
Applicable Water TDS ppm <2000ppm
Applicable Water Hardness mg/L <450mg/L
Applicable Temperature 1~45℃
Applicable Voltage V 100~300V
Applicable Frequency Hz 50~60Hz
Exterior Body
Color of Body White
Color of Front Decoration Panel SMP Gold
Type of installation Wall Mount & Counter Top
Big Display Screen Yes
Water Output Speed L/M >1.2L/M
Water Tank Material #304 Stainless Steel
Requried Time to Fullfill the Tank Minute <50 Minutes
Power Consumption W 40W
Purification Capacity of RO Filter GPD 75GPD
Water Output Control Method Cup Push
Water Tank Cover Airtight Sealing Available
Storage Tank Capacity L 8L
Overflow Protection Yes
Flush Function Auto Flush
Replaceable Tank Yes
N9 Antibacteria Tank Replacement option available*
Dura Preserve Steel Tank Yes
Copper Enriched Tank Replacement option available*
True UV Guard Protection Yes
Unique Pipe Manager Yes
Filter Specification
Stage of Water Purification Number RO+UV Filtration
Purification Capacity L/H >15L/H
Position of UV Lamp After Tank
RO Membrane Recovery--RO % >20% Recovery Rate Within Filter LifeTime
Washable nonwoven cloth Yes
Out Sediment Filter--P.P Yes
Front Sediment Filter--P.P Yes
Front Granule Active Carbon Filter--G.A.C Yes
RO Membrane Filter--RO Yes
Post Active Carbon Filter Yes
True UV Guard Protection Yes
Packaging Specification
Gross and Net Weight kg 10.46/9.05KG
Product Dimension mm 340X255X485mm
Packaging Dimension mm 395X310X600mm
*Can be bought through service
Double Protection Tank

The Midea Water Purifier has an inner water tank cover which is designed with an airtight sealing ring that ensures protection from dust and insects. The outer tank cover adds further protection from outside contamination.


The in-built Auto Flushing feature washes off the RO membrane surface at regular intervals so you don't have to worry about the damaging particles, salt deposits etc. It also improves the life of the RO membrane and increases its efficiency.


With wall-mounted and table-top options, the Midea water purifiers are convenient to install, and fit just perfectly anywhere. The Water Purifier has the slim and stylish design, giving the most premium feel of the product.


Midea’s patented CCL UV lamp, located just before the faucet, kills up to 99.99% bacteria when water passes through it. This ensures that the water you drink is safe for consumption.

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