Price - 16,380


Consumes only 28L water, less electricity and lower amount of detergent. Thus, a total of 6Kg clothes can be washed in less than Rs.3. These figures make Midea’s front load washing machines far more economical.Tested in internal lab under standard conditions.


More no. of washing programs means more choices to the users for selecting a wash cycle suitable for the type of clothes. This washing machine has various programs depending on type of clothes, wash time and water temperature.


The washing machine will add a rinse if you select this function. It can rinse the clothes more downright.


This function adds an extra wash cycle before the main wash. Thus, heavily soiled clothes will no longer be a worry. Using prewash cycle extends the life of clothes and gives you better wash results.

Model NameMWMFL060HEF
Rated Power Supply(V)220-240 V
Rated Frequency(HZ)50
Rated Washing Capacity(Kg)6
Rated Spinning Capacity(Kg)6
Rated Power(W)1950
Rated Current(A)10
Max. Spin Speed(RPM)1000
Standard Water Pressure(Mpa)0.05~1 Mpa
Display TypeLED Light
Display Color Red
MotorUniversal Motor
Number Of Programs23
Knob selection(Cotton ECO ?40°)yes
Knob selection(Cotton ECO ?60°)yes
Knob selection(Cotton )yes
Knob selection(Cotton 20°)yes
Knob selection(Cotton 30°)yes
Knob selection(Cotton 40°)yes
Knob selection(Cotton 60°)yes
Knob selection(Cotton 90°)yes
Knob selection(Synthetic)yes
Knob selection(Synthetic 40°)yes
Knob selection(Synthetic 60°)yes
Knob selection(End in 3h)yes
Knob selection(End in 6h)yes
Knob selection(End in 9h)yes
Knob selection(Delicate )yes
Knob selection(Delicate 30°)yes
Knob selection(Rinse & Spin)yes
Knob selection(Drain Only)yes
Knob selection(Spin Only)yes
Knob selection(Self Clean)yes
Button Function(No Spin)yes
Button Function(Extra Rinse)yes
Button Function(Prewash)yes
Functions(Child Lock (Combined))yes
Diameter Of Inner Tub(mm)472
Door Diameter(mm)300
Door Outer Frame Diameter (outer)(mm)420
Net Dimensions (W×D×H)(mm)595 × 470 × 850
Gross Dimensions (W×D×H)(mm)650 × 555 × 885
Net Weight(kg)52
Gross Weight(kg)55