MWHSA0105VK (Capacity–10L)

Price - 7,090

ELCB Power Cord

The ELCB is a safety devise with high earth impedance to prevent shocks. It detects small stray voltages and interrupts the circuit in the presence of a dangerous voltage, ensuring maximum safety. In case of any current leakage, ELCB immediately cuts off the power supply and prevents fatal injuries due to electric shocks.


Midea water heaters come with a 7-year warranty on the tank, 4-year warranty on the heating element and 2-year warranty on the whole unit.

Capacity 10L
ELCB Safety Device YES
Energy Efficiency(India)5 stars
Whirlflow TechnologyNo
Enamel Heating ElementYes
Enamel TankSapphire
Super Thick AnodeYes
LED DisplayNo
Pressure Releave ValveYes
Intelligent TimerNo
Rated Voltage/ Rated Frequency230V/50HZ
Rated Power (Single Power)2000W
Rated Pressure0.80 Mpa

High Density PUF Insulation

New Titanium Enamel Tank