MWHSA155XDI (Capacity–15L)

Price - 9,770

Whirlflow Technology

Now get more hot water at less power consumption with Midea’s Whirlflow technology. With this amazing feature cold water can be marshaled effectively without affecting hot water layers within the tank.

ELCB Power Cord

The ELCB is a safety devise with high earth impedance to prevent shocks. It detects small stray voltages and interrupts the circuit in the presence of a dangerous voltage, ensuring maximum safety. In case of any current leakage, ELCB immediately cuts off the power supply and prevents fatal injuries due to electric shocks.

Dry Heating Protection

Inbuilt safety feature which will shut off the heater in case of no water inside or when inlet tap is closed.


Midea water heaters come with a 7-year warranty on the tank, 4-year warranty on the heating element and 2-year warranty on the whole unit.

ColorWhite Base
Type of controlDigital
Rated Power(W)2000
Heating Element coatingGlass lined
Tank CoatingTitanium Enamel
Outer bodyABS
Thickness of Insulation mm40
Magnesium Anode Size mmf18*157
Temperature Range ?30-75
Max Working Pressure0.8
Net Weight9.4
Product Dimensionf344*515

High Density PUF Insulation

New Titanium Enamel Tank

Digital Control