Kokum Sour Soup

Kokum Sour Soup (Kokum Coconut Cold Soup)

Cooking Time : 10 minutes micro cooking.


Dry kokum fruit
Coconut milk
200 ml
4 cups
Salt and pepper
to taste
1 tsp
Mustard seeds
½ tsp
Curry leaves
1 sprig
Red chilli, whole

Preparation & Cooking

  1. Break and deseed the whole red chilli.
  2. Boil 4 cups water on micro HIGH for 10 minutes.
  3. Wash kokum fruit and soak in boiling water for 4 hours or overnight under refrigeration.
  4. Stir and strain the kokum water through a fine sieve.
  5. Mix coconut milk, kokum water, salt and pepper in a vessel.
  6. Heat oil on top of the gas stove for tempering; crackle mustard seeds in it and add red chilli and curry leaves.
  7. Pour the tempering over the soup and chill it.


Serve chilled with any Indian meal.

This soup/beverage is an ideal starter in the hot summer months as its cooling effect is soothing and takes away the body heat. This soup is more popular in western and southern India.


Make Kokum Sherbet: Soak 6 kokum fruits in 4 cups boiled water for 4 hours or overnight under refrigeration; mash with hands; strain through a fine sieve; add powdered sugar, salt and pepper to taste; chill and garnish with roasted cumin powder. Serve as a 'Sherbet' during hot summer months.


This fruit originates from Konkan region of India and is called 'Kokum' in Konkani but it is also known as 'Amsul' in Marathi. Kokum water, sour in taste is considered a cooling agent, that is why, in summer months kokum is used a lot for making drinks and curried preparation and its sherbet is commercially sold on certain shops.

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