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Lemon Delight (Nimboo Chutney)

Cooking Time : 15 minutes microwave cooking.


24 nos.
2½ cups
Jaggery (Gur)
750 gm
Fenugreek seeds
2 tbsp
2 tsp
Red chilli powder
3-4 tbsp
2 tsp
Powdered rock salt
1 tbsp
2 tsp

Preparation & Cooking

  1. Wash, clean and quarter the lemons, and with the tip of the knife remove the seeds.
  2. Place the lemons in a big microwave-safe bowl, cover and cook on micro HIGH for 13 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile grate jaggery or break it into very small pieces. Add this to cooked lemons, cover and cook again for 2 minutes on micro HIGH.
  4. Remove the bowl, open its lid and add 2½ cups sugar in it. Cover with the lid and let it stand for 30 to 40 minutes.
  5. Pass the lemon mixture through a liquidiser when still warm.
  6. Heat up oil in a small ladle on gas stove; crackle fenugreek seeds and pour over lemons.
  7. Add asafetida and chilli powder in it. Stir and pour the mixture into puréed lemons. Add both the salts and liquidise once again.
  8. Check the chilli and salt.
  9. Cool thoroughly and store in clean and sterilised glass bottles.


This recipe will give you almost 1 kg lemon chutney.


Enjoy this relish with any Indian meal.


Instead of good quality gur, use only sugar (3 cups more sugar for this recipe).

* Instead of rock salt use common salt according to your taste.

This is one of the favourite family recipes of a close friends of mine who lives in Nagpur.

For years I was cooking it in the traditional manner; but one day, I thought of giving it a trial in the microwave and surprisingly, it seemed very easy and came out well.

*All the images are indicative.

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