Cooking Time : 6 minutes micro cooking.


100 gm
Veg or non-veg well flavoured stuffing
1 cup
a pinch Salt
Egg yolk
1 tsp

Preparation & Cooking

  1. Combine flour, oil, egg yolk and salt and make dough; keep it covered for 2 hours and use.
  2. Divide into three parts. Roll one part into a thin square shaped chapati and cut into 4 equal portions.
  3. Place 2 tsp filling in 1 portion; hold all the 4 corners and carefully give a twist to seal; finish stuffing all the 4 portions. Repeat the process with the second and third parts, too.
  4. Place all the momos in a steaming basket with ΒΌ cup water underneath and steam on micro MEDIUM for 6 minutes.
  5. Let the dish stand for 5 minutes.
  6. This recipe will give you 10 to 12 pieces.


Serve warm or at room temperature with Szechuan sauce or tomato sauce. You may serve a cup of clear veg or non-veg soup, too, along with it, so that you can enjoy the taste of tangy-hot Szechuan sauce.


If you want to cook Momos without eggs, take 200gm refined flour and a pinch each of baking powder and salt. Mix with water into smooth dough and leave it overnight. Follow the steps given above using any vegetarian filling of your choice. Steam in the traditional way for 10 minutes.

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