Energy Labeling

Carrier Midea India Private Limited is committed to the cause of environmental sustainability and social leadership and has whole heartedly endorsed the Bureau of Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling Program (hereinafter the 'BEE Labeling Program').

The BEE Labeling program is a system to determine the energy efficiency of certain household electronic products including room air-conditioners. The key objectives for starting the said Program is to mitigate the greenhouse effect on environment and also to provide the consumers an informed choice about the energy and cost saving potential of the relevant product.

Depending on their energy efficiency, the electrical appliances are rated on a scale of 1 – 5 and are indicated by stars for easy understanding. It is said, "Higher the number of stars, better is the energy efficiency of that product".

Star Ratings for Room Air Conditioners

Presently as per BEE Regulations, room air conditioners are rated on the basis of their energy efficiency on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Higher the number of stars, the higher is the energy efficiency of the room air conditioners and vice-versa.The star rating parameter can be downloaded by clicking the button below-

It is pertinent to note that over the years the BEE has changed the energy efficiency rating of room air conditioners in order to make them more energy efficient and environment friendly. With effect from 1st July, 2022, the BEE has again mandated the change of star rating of room air conditioners based on a higher energy efficiency norm. The energy efficiency ratio for the new split and window type air conditioners will be as shown in the table below -

# Star rating levels table are referred from the gazette notifications S.O 2528 €, 14(a) Amendment I & modified dates as per the notification S.O 4634 (E), 14(a) Amendment III dated 10th November 2021.The BEE label template can be downloaded by clicking the button below-

Do's and Don'ts while buying a star labeled air-conditioner

Check the cooling capacity of the air conditioner and its power consumed in Watts

Do not compromise on cooling capacity while choosing an air conditioner with a higher star rating

Always prefer a higher star rated air conditioner than a lower rated one. Although higher rated air conditioners are a bit more costly than lower rated ones, but the energy conservation that they provide will act as a profitable investment in the long run

Make a choice depending on the dimensions of the room and the cooling capacity needed, while always preferring a higher star rated product