Attention Carrier Midea India Job Aspirants & Applicants

It is hereby cautioned to the general public that in recent past certain fraudsters have reached out to unsuspecting job aspirants and made fake job offers by fictitiously claiming to be employees or posing as authorized recruitment agencies of Carrier Midea India or posed as campus recruitment. This is an instance of identity theft & ‘reputation damage’. The offers are being made falsely on behalf of the HR Department of Carrier Midea India.

Kindly note, we follow a formal recruitment process through our own HR department and do not outsource the final selection of prospective employees to any individuals or agencies. Further, Carrier Midea India does not ask for any security deposit or fees (refundable or non- refundable) at any stage of recruitment process. Any potential jobseeker willingly corresponding with such individuals and recruitment agencies in any manner whether by e- mails or otherwise will be doing so at their own risks and consequences.

Please look out for the following pointers to identify the fraudulent emails:

  • If the email/Offer Letter originates from a public or free domain and not from the authorized domain, it is fake.
  • We do not ask prospective job applicants for any money from the candidate at any stage of the recruitment process.
  • We do not ask for money in exchange for guaranteed employment, or for any training purposes.
  • We do not ask for any personal detail such as bank account, credit card number etc. If the contact person asks for such details, do not share the details.
  • Carrier Midea India letters will address job applicants with proper salutations including the last name (not with generic greetings). If the email/ Offer Letter begins with Dear Sir or Dear User, the sender of the email does not know you by name. Do not trust them.
  • For campus hiring, in case of doubt, please contact your Placement Officer of your institute who can provide email id of campus recruiters with whom you can get in touch to verify.
  • If the interviewing panel does not have a Carrier Midea India ID Card, do not trust. Carrier Midea India is taking appropriate steps to tackle the issue and we request candidates also to please assist us to curb such mala fide activities. If you come across any such fraudulent incident or have any information regarding solicitation for recruitment or employment with Carrier Midea India, you may reach us at or call us on Board Number of Company at + 91-124- 6144300