DURAWHITE PRO+ RXI (3 Star Inverter)

Introducing our Durawhite Pro+ RXi Split Inverter AC. With its 3-star inverter rating, it delivers exceptional energy efficiency while providing uncompromising performance. Choose from our range of 1TR and 1.5TR, allowing you to select the ideal capacity for your space.


Refrigerant Leakage-Detector

4-in-1 Flexicool

PM 2.5 Filter
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With the 4-in-1 FlexiCool Remote, it offers four distinct modes and advanced features to customize your cooling experience as per preference. Additionally, the remote saves upto 50% on energy, allowing personalized comfort while contributing to a greener, more sustainable environment.

Breathe in the purest air with the built-in PM 2.5 Filter, that eliminates microscopic particles as small as 2.5 micrometers. This filter efficiently removes dust, pollen, and other airborne pollutants, ensuring that the air is clean and healthy.

The Refrigerant Leakage Detector promptly detects and alerts you to any refrigerant leakage. By addressing leaks early on, prevent further damage and maintain optimal cooling performance. To ensure that the AC remains corrosion-free and durable, it has a special Hydro Blue Coating, acting as a shield against rust and extending its lifespan.

From the manufacturer

Engineered to deliver exceptional performance and convenience, it is equipped with a range of advanced features that revolutionize the cooling experience.

Hidden Display
This adds a touch of elegance to the Air Conditioner, which seamlessly blends with the room decor and creates a sophisticated, uncluttered ambience.
Aqua Clear Protection
Its Aqua Clear Protection guards against dust, moisture, and corrosion, elevating its durability and ensuring optimal performance over time.
100% Copper
With 100% copper components, renowned for superior heat transfer properties and exceptional durability, the AC effectively cools the space while reducing energy consumption.
Auto Cleanser
This feature automatically cleans the evaporator coil, preventing the accumulation of dust and debris that can hinder cooling efficiency.
Stabilizer free at even 48 degrees
It operates without the need for an external stabilizer, even in high-temperature conditions up to 48 degrees Celsius.