EMPERIA DXI ( 3 Star Inverter )

Presenting our Emperia DXi Split Inverter AC. With its 3-star inverter rating, the Split AC offers optimal energy savings without compromising on performance. It is available in three different variants – 1TR, 2TR, and 1.5TR – allowing you to choose the perfect capacity for your space.


4-in-1 Flexicool

PM 2.5 Filter

Hybridjet Inverter Technology
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Crafted and manufactured in India, the Emperia DXi Split AC exemplifies the commitment to quality and craftsmanship of Indian manufacturing. Each unit undergoes meticulous craftsmanship and rigorous quality checks to ensure reliable performance and durability, ensuring that you can enjoy its cooling benefits for years to come.

The 4-in-1 FlexiCool Remote provides you with versatile control options. With four different modes and advanced features, customize your cooling experience according to your preferences. Additionally, this remote offers up to 50% energy savings, helping you reduce your electricity consumption and contribute to a greener environment.

The built-in PM 2.5 Filter effectively removes microscopic particles such as dust, pollen, and other airborne pollutants as small as 2.5 micrometers. By improving the air quality, it creates a healthier environment around you. The Split AC is equipped with a Refrigerant Leak Detector, ensuring the early detection of any refrigerant leakage. This feature alerts you promptly, allowing you to take necessary measures and prevent any further damage.

When you need rapid cooling, switch to the Turbo Mode that quickly cools down the room, providing instant relief from the heat.

From the manufacturer

The Emperia DXi Split AC ensures optimal cooling even in extreme temperatures, making your living space a haven of comfort.

Hydro Blue Coating
To protect the AC from corrosion and increase its durability, this special coating acts as a shield, safeguarding the unit from rust and extending its lifespan.
Hidden Display
The Hidden Display adds a touch of elegance to the Air Conditioner. With its minimalist design, the display seamlessly blends with the room decor, creating a sophisticated and uncluttered aesthetic.
100% copper
The Emperia DXi Split AC features 100% copper components, known for their excellent heat transfer properties and durability.
Auto Cleaner
This function automatically cleans the evaporator coil, preventing accumulation of dust and debris. By keeping the AC clean, it ensures consistent performance and enhances longevity.
Stabilizer free at even 48 degrees
The AC operates without the need for an external stabilizer, even in high-temperature conditions of up to 48 degrees Celsius. This ensures reliable performance and protects the AC from voltage fluctuations.
Aqua Clear Protection
With Aqua Clear Protection, it is equipped to resist dust, moisture, and corrosion. This feature enhances the durability and longevity of the AC, ensuring its optimal performance over time.