ESTRELLA DX ( 2 Star Window )

Introducing the Estrella DX Window AC. It is available in 2 and 3-star fixed-speed variants, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency while being mindful of energy consumption. With a range of capacities, including 1TR, 1.5TR, and 2TR, this AC unit caters to the diverse cooling needs of different room sizes.

High-Ambient Working

Hydro Blue Coating

Dust Filter

Energy Saver Mode
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The Sleep Mode feature of the Estrella DX Window AC automatically switches off the unit after 7 hours of operation, ensuring energy savings and promoting a peaceful sleep throughout the night.

Experience customizable airflow with the Air Directional Control. Adjust the louvers to direct the cool air precisely where you need it most, ensuring even distribution of refreshing air throughout the room.

The Auto Swing function automatically oscillates the air vents, providing comprehensive cooling coverage for the space.

From the manufacturer

With its impressive features and advanced technology, this AC unit is designed to provide you with superior comfort and energy efficiency.

100% copper
With its 100% copper construction, the Window AC delivers efficient heat transfer and enhanced durability. Copper components not only contribute to the AC's energy efficiency but also ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.
Turbo Mode
It offers Turbo Mode, which provides rapid cooling when you need it most. Activate this feature for an instant burst of cooling power, quickly bringing down the room temperature to your desired level.
High Ambient Working
The AC is engineered to perform flawlessly even in high ambient temperatures. Its advanced High Ambient working capability ensures that you can rely on its cooling power even on the hottest days.
Dust Filter
We understand the importance of clean and fresh air for your well-being, which is why the Estrella DX Window AC is equipped with a high-quality dust filter. This filter effectively captures dust particles, pollutants, and allergens, ensuring that the air you breathe is pure and healthy.
Aqua Clear Protection
This feature safeguards the AC's internal components from water damage. This protection ensures the longevity of the unit, making it a reliable and durable investment for years to come.

*All specifications as per IS1391 (Part 1- 2017) Room air-conditioner. Rounded off as per IS 2:1960 rules for rounding off numerical values.
** Data shown herein is under test conditions and may vary from model to model. As a continuing policy of product improvement, the design & specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
***BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) an autonomous body under Ministry of Power, Government of India, started this initiative of star rating basis ISEER ranging from 1 Star to 5 Star, Annual Electricity Consumption (Units or kWh basis 1600 hrs)
Max Air Flow Rate mentioned