SANTIS PRO DELUXE ( 3 Star Split Inverter )

Presenting the Santis Pro Deluxe Split AC. Our 0.8TR 3 Star Inverter Split AC is designed to deliver a superior cooling experience, regardless of the outside weather conditions. It keeps you cool and comfortable even throughout the year.

Auto Cleanser

Refrigerant Leakage Detector

Security Lock

Hidden Display
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Our feature-rich AC is designed to provide superior cooling comfort while prioritizing safety and convenience made with advanced technologies and thoughtful design.

Equipped with a Refrigerant Leakage detector, the AC constantly monitors the system for any leaks. It promptly detects any issues and alerts you, ensuring that it remains in optimal condition while preventing any potential damage.

The Security Lock feature allows you to lock your AC settings, preventing unauthorized access or tampering. The AC is always secure, even when you’re not around.

Our Cold Catalyst Filter effectively removes harmful gases and odors from your indoor environment, ensuring that you enjoy fresh and healthy air throughout the day. Take control of your comfort with the LCD Remote. This user-friendly remote allows you to easily adjust settings, switch between modes, and set timers.

From the manufacturer

Prepare to be captivated by unparalleled features, setting a benchmark for comfort, efficiency, and technological advancement. Experience the perfect balance that allows you to enjoy a cool environment without worrying about excessive electricity bills.

High Ambient Working
Embrace a new standard of cooling excellence with our Santis Pro Deluxe Split AC that triumphs over high ambient working conditions. It effortlessly conquers scorching summers and oppressive humidity, providing unwavering performance to ensure your comfort remains uncompromised, regardless of external challenges.
Easy Installation
All CMI products come with hassle-free delivery and installation. When you invest in CMI, you can be rest assured that the product will reach you safely and will be installed correctly for your convenience.
Sleep Mode
Elevate your sleep experience to extraordinary heights with our meticulously designed sleep mode feature. This isn't just about maintaining a specific temperature; it's about creating a personalized haven of tranquility tailored to your unique preferences. Drift into a deep, undisturbed slumber and awaken rejuvenated, ready to embrace the day ahead.
Auto On/Off Timer
Bid farewell to manual adjustments with our intelligent auto on/off timer, seamlessly integrated into the AC system. Take full control of your cooling experience by effortlessly scheduling precise activation and deactivation times. Save energy, streamline your routine, and revel in the convenience of an AC that adapts to your schedule.
Backlit Remote
Operate your AC with ease, even in low-light conditions, thanks to our backlit remote control. Illuminated buttons ensure effortless control, allowing you to adjust settings and fine-tune the temperature with utmost clarity and convenience. Navigate through the cooling options effortlessly, making every interaction with your AC a seamless and enjoyable experience.

*All specifications as per IS1391 (Part 2) : Room air-conditioner. Rounded off as per IS 2:1960 rules for rounding off numerical values.
**Data shown herein is under test conditions and may vary from model to model. As a continuing policy of product improvement, the design & specifications are subject to change without prior Notice.
***BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) an autonomous body under Ministry of Power, Government of India, started this initiative of star rating basis ISEER ranging from 1 Star to 5 Star.
Max Air Flow Rate mentioned