Introducing CAMIPRO Spare Parts for Enhanced Appliance Performance & Longevity

It is important to keep the HVAC systems up and running at all times. That’s why CMI offers a comprehensive range of CAMIPRO spare parts, ensuring easy access to the ones you need to maintain your systems with ease.

Designed for easy installation and replacement, these reliable spare parts guarantee uninterrupted operation, making maintenance hassle-free and convenient.

Indoor Unit

Engineered with precision, ensuring a seamless and efficient retrofitting process.
Feature advanced technology to maximize cooling or heating efficiency.
Advanced Noise reduction technology ensures minimal disturbance.

Outdoor Unit

Designed to be compact and lightweight, simplifying retrofit installations.
Equipped with high-efficiency components to save on energy costs.
Built to withstand various weather conditions.
Designed for easy integration with existing systems.


Most reliable Stabilizers available in capacity of 3KVA, 4KVA, and 5KVA from an input range of 90V to 185V. To provide output voltage of 220V +- 10% suitable for ltr,1.5tr and 2.0tr air conditioners, in Aluminium and Copper transformers


Premium quality of soft Copper in sizes of 114, 112, 318, 518, 314 inch ID in thickness of 0.58mm to 1.0mm suitable for R22 and R410a applications available in pancake rolls of 50 feet (15.34 meters) packed in corrugated boxes.
Hard Copper straight pipe available in various sizes and thickness, in length of 10120 feet each.

Gas Cylinders

Refrigerant R-22, 134a, R410a, R404a, of cylinders as well as in portable cans. R-407c are available in different capacity, high-class quality, manufactured by reputed recognised companies with quality standards.


Recip Compressor FHP Compressor variety of compressor brands like GMCC, Highly, Rechi, Sanyo, Emerson, Danfoss etc. available in capacity of 0.5tr to 8.5tr.


High-class quality products manufactured by reputed recognised companies with quality standards.

Factory Authorized Parts (FAPs)

Genuine spare parts for all products of Carrier and Midea Air Conditioners in residential and light commercial range, and also FAPs of microwave ovens, water dispenser etc.