Green Commitment

CMI’s Dedication to Sustainable Operations

CMI is committed to sustainable business operations and recognizes the importance of balancing economic, social, and environmental factors for achieving success. Our organization firmly believes that profitability alone cannot determine success, and that a firm commitment towards maximizing resource conservation and social responsibility is crucial. Supporting the same, we have implemented a Green Policy that encompasses the entire lifecycle of our products, from manufacturing to recycling.

We are continuously striving to reduce energy consumption, waste, water usage, and carbon emissions during our manufacturing process. Our factory uses 100% recycled water, rainwater, evaporative air cooling in production areas, and natural lighting to promote a green and clean manufacturing process while saving energy.

CMI is dedicated to minimizing resource consumption throughout the entire supply chain, including procurement and logistics. We are proud to have established the infrastructure for R410a gas charged AC manufacturing, which promotes energy conservation in the region. Through our ongoing efforts and commitments, we aim to make a positive contribution to the environment, society, and the economy.