ACE’s Program

CMI, recently launched an employee engagement program – ‘ACES’, it provides a platform for all employees to share their inspiring personal life journeys with the CMI family. The purpose of this program is to boost connect with these relatable yet motivating life stories that can encourage everyone to rekindle with their interests and ambitions in life, both on personal & professional front.

Nitin Sachdeva, Manager E-commerce at CMI, shared his transformation journey as the first ACE, recently. From being unhealthy & overweight with a habit of regular drinking & smoking; to now becoming a marathoner who has successfully completed both half and full marathons. He has been able to completely change his lifestyle by giving up smoking to improve his fitness & adopting to a rigid routine of following a structured plan that requires daily workouts, healthy eating, discipline and unwavering dedication.

Nitin now proudly commits to regular challenges and sets new goals for himself to stay determined to his passion & personal growth.
His transformation journey & accomplishments serve as a stimulus to all those who are facing similar challenges and look for ways to make positive changes in their own lives. #Aces #employeeseries #talkshow #carriermideaindia #getinspired #inspiration #lifegoal #followyourpassion