Agrasar – Journey to Excellence: Empowering Future Leaders at CMI

At CMI, we are dedicated to nurturing employees and equipping them with the skills they need to excel in their careers. Our initiative, Agrasar – Journey to Excellence, was crafted specifically for high-potential employees across functions. This program aligns with specific criteria and current business needs to help participants enhance their leadership skills and other essential competencies necessary to assume larger roles in the future.

Agrasar is thoughtfully designed to equip participants with a practical and positive mindset, laying a strong foundation for their ongoing professional growth within CMI. The program’s curriculum features a dynamic blend of:

Interactive Classroom Sessions: Participants are engaged in discussions and learning activities designed to build essential skills and knowledge.

Insightful Exercises: Real-world scenarios challenging participants to apply their learnings and think critically.

Comprehensive Assessments: Evaluations helping participants understand their strengths and areas for growth.

Personalized Coaching: Tailored guidance supporting each participant’s unique journey.

Inspiring Talks from External Speakers: Gaining insights from industry leaders and experts.

Throughout the Agrasar journey, participants collaborate on projects united by a common goal: enhancing CMI’s products, processes, and policies. These projects are mentored by senior leaders and members of the Management Committee at CMI.