DURAWHITE Exi (5 Star Inverter)

Presenting our Durawhite EXi Split AC. With its 5-star rating and cutting-edge technology, the Durawhite EXi Inverter Split AC is the perfect choice for creating a cool and pleasant indoor environment. It is available in multiple capacities, including 1TR, 1.5TR, and 2TR, allowing you to select the perfect size to suit your cooling needs.


Refrigerant Leakage-Detector

6-in-1 Flexicool

PM 2.5 Filter
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One of the key features is its 100% copper construction. Copper components, including copper coils and pipes, not only enhance the durability and reliability of the AC but contribute to its overall performance. Copper ensures better heat transfer, resulting in more efficient cooling and increased longevity of the AC.

The Aqua Clear Protection of the DURAWHITE Exi Split AC prevents accumulation of water and moisture in the indoor unit. This protection helps eliminate the growth of bacteria, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment. It operates without the need for an external stabilizer, even at high ambient temperatures of up to 48 degrees Celsius. This ensures stable performance and eliminates the additional cost and hassle of installing a separate stabilizer.

The Auto Swing feature enables the horizontal movement of the louvers, ensuring uniform and widespread cooling throughout the space. This feature eliminates any hotspots and provides optimal air distribution, enhancing comfort. For easy maintenance, it is equipped with a double drain system that efficiently removes condensed water from the indoor unit. This prevents water leakage issues and helps maintain a dry and comfortable living space.

From the manufacturer

Experience the perfect balance that allows you to enjoy a cool environment without worrying about excessive electricity bills.

6-in-1 FlexiCool
The 6-in-1 FlexiCool Remote offers six different cooling modes. This versatile remote control allows you to choose the ideal mode based on the weather or as per personal preferences, ensuring optimal cooling performance. Additionally, it incorporates a smart energy-saving feature that can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, promoting energy efficiency and reducing electricity bills
Stabilizer-free even at 48 degrees
The Split AC is designed to handle power fluctuations, making it stabilizer-free even at temperatures as high as 48 degrees Celsius.
Auto Cleanser
Enjoy cleaner and fresher air with the compatible auto cleaner feature, which effectively removes dust and impurities to maintain a healthier indoor environment.
100% Copper
With 100% Copper coils, the Excel EDGE Exi Split AC guarantees enhanced durability and efficient heat transfer, resulting in more effective cooling.
Aqua Clear Protection
It prevents the accumulation of water and moisture in the indoor unit. This protection eliminates the growth of bacteria, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.
Hidden Display
It adds a touch of elegance to the space, offering a sleek and minimalistic design that seamlessly blends with the interior.
Hydro Blue Coating
This protective coating shields the condenser fins from corrosion caused by humidity and salts present in the air. Even in coastal areas or regions with challenging climates, it guarantees durability and efficiency.
High Ambient Working
This capability ensures reliable cooling even in high ambient temperatures. It allows the AC unit to continue operating efficiently and effectively, regardless of the external weather conditions.
Built with high technology the Inverter Split AC give you a crisp experience, high-definition air with a built-in HD filter, delivering pure comfort and clean, refreshing breaths.

* All specifications as per IS1391 (Part 2) : 1992 Room air-conditioner. Rounded off as per IS 2:1960 rules for rounding off numerical values.
** Data shown herein is under test conditions and may vary from model to model. As a continuing policy of product improvement, the design & specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
***BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) an autonomous body under Ministry of Power, Government of India, started this initiative of star rating basis ISEER ranging from 1 Star to 5 Star, Annual Electricity Consumption (Units or kWh basis 1600 hrs)
Max Air Flow Rate mentioned