ESTRELLA Exi (E) (5 Star Window Inverter)

Introducing the ESTRELLA Exi (E) Window Inverter AC. It is designed with a sturdy 1.5-ton capacity, ensuring effective cooling for mid sized spaces.

High-Ambient Working

Hydro Blue Coating

Dust Filter

Energy Saver Mode
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The Window AC comes equipped with a built-in dust filter. This filter diligently captures dust particles, pollutants, and allergens, ensuring that the air is pure and healthy.

The Sleep Mode automatically deactivates the unit after 7 hours of operation, promoting an uninterrupted and peaceful slumber throughout the night. Take control over the cooling settings with the temperature display feature. Effortlessly adjust the temperature according to preference and conveniently monitor the prevailing conditions with utmost accuracy. This allows you to maintain the perfect indoor climate at all times.

From the manufacturer

With an impressive array of features and unparalleled performance, this AC guarantees optimal comfort and efficiency for all your cooling needs.

Aqua Clear Protection
It prevents the accumulation of water and moisture in the indoor unit. This protection eliminates the growth of bacteria, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.
High Ambient Working
This capability ensures reliable cooling even in high ambient temperatures. It allows the AC unit to continue operating efficiently and effectively, regardless of the external weather conditions.
100% copper
The AC is built with 100% copper components, enhancing its durability and efficiency. Copper coils and pipes ensure better heat transfer and contribute to the performance and longevity of the AC unit.Choose the ESTRELLA Exi (E) Window Inverter AC today.
Hydro Blue Coating
This protective coating shields the condenser fins from corrosion caused by humidity and salts present in the air. Even in coastal areas or regions with challenging climates, it guarantees durability and efficiency.
Sleep Mode
The Sleep Mode automatically deactivates the unit after 7 hours of operation, promoting an uninterrupted and tranquil slumber throughout the night.

*All specifications as per IS1391 (Part 1- 2017) Room air-conditioner. Rounded off as per IS 2:1960 rules for rounding off numerical values.
** Data shown herein is under test conditions and may vary from model to model. As a continuing policy of product improvement, the design & specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
***BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) an autonomous body under Ministry of Power, Government of India, started this initiative of star rating basis ISEER ranging from 1 Star to 5 Star, Annual Electricity Consumption (Units or kWh basis 1600 hrs)
Max Air Flow Rate mentioned